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Contact & prices for international clients

For over 17 years I help people with spiritual healing treatments and Life Coaching. My mother tongue is German and so I work primarily with people in German-speaking countries. I have worked over 30 years ago for an American company and I also speak English. Thanks to today's technical possibilities I work a lot with so-called distance healing. I here use the phone, Skype or Viber to talk with clients. The best experience I did with Skype because video calls are also easily possible. This is almost like a personal meeting. Since my work is a spiritual healer and Life and Business Coach my true calling, I want to help you best possible. The best experiences have made my clients with multiple Spiritual treatments in a row. Minor mental, spiritual and physical problems often require only 5 or 10 spiritual distance healing. In other cases, such as serious illnesses regular treatments over a longer time period are very useful.

What can I do for you?
I do a spiritual cleansing with you. Then I give energy to the meridians, chakras and cleanse your aura. Then I look at the causes of your problems. One treatment lasts with preliminary, Spiritual remote treatment and a brief discussion afterwards, about 1 hour.

Ernst Koch
Spiritual Lifecoach & Healer

Skype:                            sungulfcoast
Phone:                           +49 174 548 3869 (Call, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber,telegram)
Sprachen/Language:  Deutsch & English

If I shall work for you, you can reach me by email or preferably by phone. If I am in treatment, please leave me a SMS.

I take time for you and explain to you the way I work and treatment methods. Discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed. In the first talk / chat / phone / Skype I'll tell you in max 5 minutes the way I work. Life Coach and Spiritual Energy counseling treatment etc. is chargeable and must be paid in advance. I put my time and energy in the service of people who really need help and this is also appreciated value.

A Spiritual Energy treatment lasts incl. conversation about 1 hour. In remote treatments in advance a treatment appointment is made. I will call you on a landline phone or via Skype.

 1   Spiritual-Energy Treatment                                        €       80.-

Spiritual-Energy Treatment from Spiritual Healer Ernst Koch

Spiritual Energy Treatment with Spiritual Healer Ernst Koch

17th February 2021

Legal Disclaimer on all Healing Claims and Services

For all healing testimonials, of which, I am fortunate to have many, please note the following: These are voluntary statements on behalf of people I have worked with remotely; usually over a phone call or internet chat. Their comments are believed to be true and authentic however they have not been independently verified by a qualified independent 3rd party. They are my client's own stated experience and do not in any way convey any specific claims or advertisements of the benefits of using my healing services. Everyone's results will and can vary and is dependent on many factors, seen and unseen. This is not an exact science nor is it even a science per its definition as we know it.

All people contacting me for assistance with health or other conditions must be clear that I am not a medical doctor or even a health professional nor do ever I purport to be. Federal Laws require that all medical advice can only come from a licensed  medical physician. I provide assistance and advice on a spiritual and intuitive realm only, through prayer and special spiritual/energy healing methods which I have been gifted with. They are aided by higher spiritual powers that neither can be seen nor verified. This is anecdotal and intuitive only. It is not verified by any conventional nor medical means. My services do not replace nor suggest to replace proper medical treatment for any condition. While it is client's free choice to use my services, or the services of a medical specialist, or both,  all resulting conditions are strictly the responsibility of the client.

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