Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

A happy & successful 2013 - Watch, listen and read the secrets of a happy life!

It's the last day of the year and it's really fascinating. Today is a wonderful day. Sunny, Blue sky fresh but wonderful.

This year was fascinating. It had everything.It was wild.It was an adventure.It was full of experiences. 

I have the feeling, that this year I could have made many classes of the school of life just with one jump this year.And it was really interesting. I must have met, there was never a year like this.

I want to thank all those people who know me, all those people who don't know me, all those people who they will know me (! ;-), those people who don't like me, those people who love me.

There are a few people I want to make a special thanks for their help in this year, for supporting me in all different kind of ways. They will know. I will tell them personaly...for the friendship, for the love. And by the way, love is most important in our life. Nothing else is more important, than love. Also, we never should forget: we are producing our life ouself. YES! 

With our thoughts, we our feelings and with our acting, we are producing every single day. Nobody else is responsable for our life, than we ourself.

Also, what I found out this year. I knew it before, but now I am 100% sure. Our mind is good for calculating, is good for running a business, But first of all: our mind and experiences are only from this single life! Our heart (spirit) knows a lot more.

If we are really ready, open our heart. There is no risk! And otherwise you just can say: NO RISK, NO FUN!

That was also this year in my case, if I would not have taken the risk, it would not have been that much fun, experience and so much love.

I wish you a successful 2013.