Montag, 13. Mai 2024

Earth Mantra (1 hour) | Malte Marten & Mollie Mendoza

This is a session I hold very close to my heart. Playing with Mollie feels so natural, so clear, so safe, so infinite. We met in California and I feel our encounter to be based on trust and exploration. I sense a thousand ways of collaborating with Mollie. And along these 1000 paths, the most beautiful and vibrant flowers grow. This is a prayer to Mama Earth, an ode to the feminine, to the soft flows of the river. Take a moment just for yourself. Listen closely. To your own heartbeat, to your continuous breath. This is your moment to reconnect with the softness and tenderness of your heart. Mollie will join me on my upcoming tour! Concert tickets on my website: 31.05. - Amsterdam 05.06. - Cologne 07.06. - Berlin 08.06. - Belgium Tickets: